Meet the Team behind WP Society
Spiro Kovac
Co-Founder of Eynsham Academy

Spiro is a aged WordPress theme developer, social media strategist. I’m working full time as a general manager in a property development company making over $200K a year while also running a highly successful 6-figure side hustle business. I have put in the time, work, and effort to learn exactly what it takes to succeed on YouTube.

Kainaat Kovac
Co-Founder of Eynsham Academy

Kainaat is one of the leading New Zealand Agile experts currently full time working in Westpac as Chapter Area Lead. Here at WP Society she created dependency management plan and has optimized our processes.

Ante Antic
Affiliate Marketing Expert and WordPress Enthusiast

Ante is one of WP Society remote experts that enjoys full freedom to choose a topic and work on it in his unique ways.