How To Remove Category From Your URLs In WordPress

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There are multiple ways to remove category and tags from the wordpress archive permalink structure, however I will teach you only the easiest way as you really should not waste your time on this.

WordPress has evolved over the time and become one of the best platforms out there, but it still has some old clunky features that are still there. For starters it still has the same old and ugly permalink structure for the archive pages by default.

Also, standard wordpress archive pages are not really SEO friendly, rather they are basically just lists of the recent posts in category or tag .

It’s recommended to create a custom archive pages for each of the categories and tags so that they can help your overall search engine rankings while also fullfiling the function of a lead generation machine.

Standard category permalink structure for category name Affiliate Marketing would be /category/affiliate-marketing/ and in this tutorial I will show you how easy is to remove /category/ from my category URLs.

Permalink Settings

To get rid of category in your archive pages you set your permalinks Category Base to period/dot.

*If you leave the category base blank it will display the wordpress default category.*

  1. Go to Setting > Permalinks
  2. Select Custom Structure
  3. Change Category Base to period/dot./li>
  4. Change Tag Base to period/dot./li>
  5. Save Changes
Custom Permalink structure and Archive Page
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